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Born to Re-engineer, Designed to Consult ...

FountainIQ is an organisation built from ground zero based on related exposure & associated experience over years.


The big question - how do I achieve my IT Infrastructure needs and ensure business continuity? A Product Vs A Solution:

While there is a rather minimal line of difference between the two, there is a contrasting difference.


As a common, multiple products help design a solution. Well yes, but how sure are you that the multiple products used to finalise and conclude on a solution will eradicate your IT Infrastructure challenges? For sure it may be effective, but for how long? It is a big Q.


Technically a running day solution is one that mitigates your present challenges / problems by addressing present needs by using either a product / bundle of products that are existent as on date. But does it answer the larger question? Does it help you reduce Total cost of Operations thereby increasing Returns on Investment?


At FountainIQ, we try to address this for our esteemed customers and partners in a collective and sincere way.


We at FountainIQ, by virtue of representing many multi-national OEM's / Partners / Distributors at various levels, have a deep understanding of the various scenarios that a CIO / IT Manager / System Administrator face on a regular basis with its corresponding responsibilities & challenges therein.

We believe in an Eye for Detail bundled with two key words – Passion and Commitment!


Our Customers and Partners are our strength and will always be!

With over forty plus years of collective management experience, we can add value to you with our home grown 4WH approach.


What is FountainIQ – An organisation that provides effective IT Infrastructure that does not disrupt your core business objectives.

Where FountainIQ – A vendor strangulated environment - the Blue Ocean. We understand & hence ensure that you have the right fit?

When FountainIQ – Efficient IT Infrastructure that suits all your business needs, without disrupting business continuity.

Why FountainIQ – A Fountain of Knowledge that can help ease your IT manageability without adding to complexity.

How FountainIQ – Simple solutions for a complicated World! We help you to stay focused!