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To compete is not a matter of existence but to resolve. FountainIQ has the ability, caliber and a lot of expertise to achieve its objectives and capture the attention of the IT market as a whole.

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Designed to Consult

for a highly available & secure

IT environment

FountainIQ  Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that has an appetite & determination to render specific IT solutions & corresponding services.  With an emphasis on IT consulting, Value-added distribution & re-selling using world-class proven technologies, its efforts are aimed at re-shaping the world of IT (Information Technology). The core objectives of the firm is to ease IT manageability and reduce TCO, especially around AI & IoT. New age innovative IT solutions are sure to address growing IT concerns with the manufacturing and retail segments, not excluding other important macros / micro verticals.

FountainIQ works closely with industry-specific and strategic business partners.  The relationship of this organization with its vendors and system integrators is strong and reliable, which is the backbone in serving their clients with the best. The company has the support of external IT veterans and senior subject matter consultants.

The company has partnered with leading IT world-class technologies. This includes an agent-less complete cloud infrastructure security platform that provides 100% visibility across a cloud estate, in minutes. Paving the way for IoT, the solution portfolio of the company also includes a top-notch military grade Zero Trust endpoint security shield. 


FountainIQ has also partnered with a leading Peta-Scale object storage solution provider that can help to structure data across an on-premise and multi-cloud environment, especially data in the form of images or IT environments that have a lot of unstructured data.


These solutions are catered to proactively address & resolve IT pain areas across various business sectors inclusive of manufacturing, banking, IT / ITES and many others.

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