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A plan of action to create an IT Capability that reduces data center and IT Infrastructure footprints is imperative to ease manageability within affordable operational costs. An effective IT strategy  helps create shareholder  value  by maximizing the returns on IT investments.


To organize an effective IT strategy requires a sum of actions to be taken to achieve the long-term goals of a company. The big question - how do I achieve my IT Infrastructure needs and ensure business continuity? A Product Vs A Solution:: We can help you decide the best fit.



Global strategy is a process of expanding and competing profitably in globalized markets.  The key ingredient to ensure this is an IT Strategy built around simple solutions for a complicated world. We add value to address your global IT needs by using our home grown 4WH approach



Born to re-engineer, designed to consult! We at FountainIQ understand the importance and need of IT transition as a continuous process to confront and manage changing situations using a Fast, Secure and Easy approach. 

We believe in an Eye for Detail bundled with two key words – Passion and Commitment!

In today's IT world, it is quint essential to have an integrated IT Security system and a zero trust security platform that supports different operating systems and end devices; solutions that track and secure data traffic flows across bare metal, virtualized and cloud environments and that can be offered on - premise and as a managed security service.

Also, Cloud-Native software defined solutions are redefining the data space as they are best suited for high volume, high performance needs of data hungry applications.

So, why FountainIQ? A Fountain of Knowledge! We address various hybrid needs and wants through an effective and productive Gap Analysis.


Work with us to understand how we can solve your data problems.


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